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Former Pacific Grove police commander pleads not guilty

SALINAS, Calif. - A former Pacific Grove police commander made his first appearance in court Tuesday and pleaded not guilty.

John Nyunt is accused of making criminal threats to his former wife Kristen Nyunt in 2012.

"It involves a single telephone conversation that occurred over 14 months ago during which there was an emotional outburst, John was at his very worst, after months and months of psychological and emotional abuse, perpetrated by Kristin," said Juliet Peck, Nyunt's attorney.

Prosecutors say Nyunt threatened Kristin. The conversation was recorded.

"I don't think there is any question that neither John nor Kristin thought for a second that he would act on the threat, that he cut her throat or anything of that sort," said Peck.

Peck says the threat was never even reported to police and was only discovered by prosecutors while they prepared a case against Kristin, who was arrested last January.

San Jose man convicted of movie theater battery in Monterey

MONTEREY, Calif.-- A San Jose man has been convicted of battering another man for using his cellphone during a movie.

Danny Eugene Thacker, 61, was convicted of misdemeanor battery, according to Monterey County District Attorney Dean Filippo.

Thacker was at the Century Cinemas at Del Monte Center on April 5 when he apparently became angered by another patron's cellphone use. The victim had taken his phone, which was on vibrate, out of his pocket three separate times to look at the screen. Thacker was angered by the distraction, and kicked the back of the victim's chair twice. He also made obscene comments. A verbal altercation ensued between the two, and Thacker then punched the victim in the face. Two other theater patrons witnessed the incident and testified at trial. One of them was an off-duty police officer with the Monterey Airport Police, who rendered aid to the victim outside the theater and called Monterey Police.

Bryan Stow Beating Suspects Take Plea, Get 8 and 4 Years Respectively

Bryan Stow Beating Suspects Take Plea, Get 8 and 4 Years Respectively

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The two men accused of beating Santa Cruz native Bryan Stow into a coma outside of Dodgers Stadium in 2011 pleaded guilty Thursday morning.

Louis Sanchez will receive an eight-year state prison term and Marvin Norwood is looking at a four-year term when they are sentenced at a future date.

The two initially pleaded not guilty to charges related to the March 31, 2011 beating.

Bad Chain Reaction Crash In Pacific Grove

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. -Police in Pacific Grove responded to a serious crash in the area of First Street and Ocean View Boulevard Wednesday afternoon. Several people were injured in the wreck. One of them is in serious condition. Police said one of the drivers involved in the crash had to be flown out by Calstar to San Jose Regional Hospital, while two others were taken to hospitals on the Central Coast. The accident happened after police said the driver of a Ford Escort station wagon driving southbound on First Street rear-ended a Ford Taurus, causing a chain reaction. The Ford Escort then drove into a parked car and a stop sign before coming to a complete stop. Police aren't saying what caused the driver to lose control of their car.

Monterey County DA Needs Your Help

Monterey County DA Needs Your Help

Salinas, Calif. - On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at approximately 7:15 p.m., an auto pedestrian collision occurred on E. Laurel Drive, just west of the intersection at Constitution Blvd. in front of Natividad Medical Center. The collision resulted in the deaths of two women, Linda Rascon Williams and Cynthia Lane. If you were at that location during that time, either on foot or in a vehicle, and witnessed anything we are asking for your help. Any information you may have, even if you think it is insignificant, may be of great help in this case.

Please call District Attorney Investigator Mark Puskaric at 831-784-5636. Please leave your name and a contact number. 

Residents Filling Out Police Survey

Residents can now sound off about the police department and if they think "combined services" is a good idea.

It's all part of a survey that's available online. Residents have until December 15th to take it. You can find an easy link to the survey on website: www.kionrightnow.com


No Longer Homicide Investigation Into Burned Body

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif.--- New details on the man found burned to death near an out bathroom at a Pacific Grove Golf Course nearly two weeks ago.

Police said while they're still investigating the incident and the victim, Richard Haffner, who lived alone, they're not investigatig it as a homicide. Right now, officers are in contact with his family. At this point, they are just trying to see if it was a suicide or an accident.